Scrap metal at our site in Labrador

Gold Coast’s leading scrap metal merchant – We come to you! -we are a pick up service.

Reliable scrap metal collection

TM Scrap Metal sevicing the Gold Coast is a full service scrap metal business. This means that we can arrange for the pick up of scrap metal from construction sites and building projects.

TM Scrap Metal run two crane trucks with working equipment on board enabling us to pick up large quantities of scrap metals safely and efficiently. For ease of access on difficult sites we also run a utility, fitted with a hydraulic crane and weighing equipment, great for basement access on high rise jobs.

If you're looking to dispose of scrap metal, TM Scrap Metal is the team to call. Our services allow you to quickly and easily dispose of your scrap metal.

One of our professional scrap metal recycling staff in Labrador

Our Team

At TM Scrap Metal, we are relaxed, friendly, and above all, professional. Our team believes in providing the best possible scrap metal services for all of our valued clients.

We provide swift pick-up and will always arrive at the agreed time. Our scrap metal team is reliable and efficient, so the entire process is hassle free. For more information, or to arrange for the disposal of your scrap metal, give us a call today. You won't be disappointed!


TM Scrap Metal provides a wide range of services to the Gold Coast's businesses and homes:

  • Scrap metal collection from industrial and building sites
  • Scrap metal collection from homes and residences in quantity

For fast pick up and a safe, efficient service, TM Scrap Metal is the team to call. We also welcome business from plumbers and electricians. Contact us today to arrange a quote or estimate.